Thursday Writing Prompt No. 127

This one one of my "shoot through the windshield" photos of our trip through Colorado. I've added some atmosphere.

This one one of my “shoot through the windshield” photos of our trip through Colorado. I’ve added some atmosphere.

Happy Thursday! This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt combines memoir and historical writing. I’m taking an online class through Coursera on historical writing so I thought it would make an interesting exercise.

Your task this week is to write a journal entry that’s set in your own past, but the twist is that is has to be one of those “roads not taken.” Remember that time you decided what to study or what job to take or what apartment to move into? What if you’d taken a different option? Mentally go back in time and find a decision point, then write your journal entry describing a day in that alternate personal history.

The journal entry doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to tell a complete story. Focus on thoughts, emotions, and describing a fictional event that happened in your alternate past. Write as much as you want, but I think 350 words is probably a good length to aim for.

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 126


Writing can be a lonely business, but it’s necessary to have some time to yourself in order to sort out what you’re working on and just get words down. You don’t have to go to a snowy mountaintop, although if the lodge is serving hot chocolate that might be a good thing. I’ve finished another round of edits to my novel and sent it off to beta readers.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt focuses on snow, for no apparent reason other than I’ve used this screen shot of my Guild Wars 2 character, Freya Stohrm, as an illustration for this post. So, write about snow. Think about how the atmosphere feels when it’s snowing and try to describe that in a paragraph. If you live somewhere in the tropics, write about how you would feel if it suddenly snowed in your hometown, or describe how looking at photos of snow makes you feel.

The core of this week’s prompt is setting, so no matter how you approach the subject, the snow should be an integral part of the landscape you’re writing about.

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 125

A rocking bird at a local playground.

A rocking bird at a local playground.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is a bit late, but I’ve been wrapped up in trying to get a round of edits done on my novel. There are some tangled plot lines that I need to work on sorting out but I think it’s all starting to come together. I’ve given myself to the end of the month to get these edits done and I have about another seven chapters to finish, so it’s looking good for me to meet the deadline.

Today’s prompt is about playgrounds. I went for a short walk at lunch today and snapped this photo of a rocking bird in the park. The park was empty and I took the opportunity to do a bit of photography. Your task this week is to write a journal entry from the point of view of a park ride or piece of equipment. What would this rocking bird write in his journal if he could? Did a little kid play so hard the bird’s beak hit the ground? Was the bird privy to some mumbled secrets of a pair of teenagers?

This prompt should give you an interesting point of view for some dialogue, if you’re up to that. But remember it’s a journal entry, so the narrator has to show in some way. Be creative, have fun, and get out and enjoy the weather. Maybe even go to a park for some inspiration.

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 124

This is what I feel like after fourteen hours at my keyboard.

This is what I feel like after fourteen hours at my keyboard.


Welcome to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. I’ve been working out with Adobe Illustrator, trying to remember some old skills and learn some new tricks. So after fiddling with the brushes and some filter tricks I came up with this monster that reminds me of the original Space Invaders arcade game. Old. Yikes! I was almost in my twenties when that game was made!

So, in honor of virtual space monsters everywhere, this week’s prompt puts you into a 1980’s arcade. I’m going to make you do some research for this prompt: I want you to pick an arcade game and turn yourself into one of the characters in game. Then I want you to write a brief resume of who you are and what you do for a living.

Don’t make it too easy on yourself: everyone knows what PacMan does! Find one of the more obscure arcade games, such as Burgertime orĀ  Arkanoid and learn a bit about it before you launch into resume mode. My favorite arcade game? Galaga! Bring it, space bugs!