Thursday Writing Prompt No. 152

Writer’s Catalyst Halloween contains some silly, spooky writing prompts.

Ugh, this year has been one long ghastly experience. But to take your mind off of the real-life horror show, why not engage in some fun writing for Halloween?

I’ve just released Writer’s Catalyst: Halloween, which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The book series contains two dozen writing prompts and is formatted as a journal with lined pages for you to use for your own writing. I’ll be releasing new themed volumes on an occasional basis, maybe two or three a year (at least, that’s what I’m planning for now).

For today’s Thursday Writing Prompt, here’s an original Halloween theme: Shelly “Skulls” Skeleton has challenged Mumsford “Mummy” Morrison to scare the wits out of a group of college kids. Neither Shelly nor Mumsford are allowed to use human technology, whether it’s flashlights or the internet or cellphones. Instead, they must rely on traditional Halloween magic. Your task is to pick either Shelly or Mumsford as your protagonist and write up their frightfest plan.

To make the task a bit more daunting, you must have a committee of impartial judges to decide the winner of the contenst. Think about how the committee comes to its conclusion — is it a point scoring system? And just how “scared” is “scared”? Does making a group of kids scream count for very much? Or must Shelly and Mumsford resort to more diabolical schemes that produce more than just a fright? Make the contest as fun or as devious as you want, but be sure to have fun with the plotting!

Writer’s Catalyst Halloween Is Live!

It’s alive! Alive! And I didn’t even have to build a jacob’s ladder and funnel a thunderstorm into my laboratory …

I’ve finished the summer off by putting the finishing touches on a short story for a forthcoming anthology and putting together the second book in the Writer’s Catalyst series. This one has two dozen spooky writing prompts for Halloween, and was a lot of fun to write. My favorite is “Franks and Steins,” in which I envision Frankenstein’s monster opening his own restaurant and featuring — of course — sausages and beer. It’s the writer’s task to take this writing prompt and put together a special recipe for Frankenstein’s restaurant.

I’m still wrangling a gaggle of projects this summer but I feel like they’re all starting to move along. With one thing published and a second one just about a week from being done, I can finally tackle some of the editorial build-up that’s covering my desk.

Here’s hoping you have a great October! And if you want some ghoulish prompts, check out Writer’s Catalyst: Halloween. I’ll be getting back to the Thursday Writing Prompts as soon as I figure out the new WordPress editing. Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m tired of learning things just to have them go away in a wisp of internet smoke and having to start all over again … Remember the days you could master something? Yeah, not anymore.


Thursday Writing Prompt No. 151

Writer’s Catalyst: Beach Scenes is the first in a series of writer’s journals that include writing prompts and space for journaling.

The first edition of Writer’s Catalyst has made it through the publication process and is available for purchase! Woot! You can snag it off Barnes and Noble or Amazon

In honor of the natufical theme, and as a way to celebrate the publication of Beach Scenes, here’s a new Thursday Writing Prompt featuring sea life. This is not a prompt out of the book — those are all new, and all delightful. Nor are any of the book’s prompts taken off this blog.

The ocean is a weird and wonderful place, stocked with all sorts of exotic plants and animals. Imagine that you are in a small submarine, visiting one of the deep ocean thermal vents to learn about the creatures that inhabit the depths. You shine your lights over a bevy of tube worms and notice something strange in the rock wall behind them. When you move the sub closer, you see that it’s a metal door with a wheel set in the center. What could it be? Write at least 350 words describing what lies hidden behind the door.



It’s nearly June!

This spring has dragged on and on and on and on. I know we’re all tired of the virus crapola, but I’m also kind of fed up with the halo-wearing TV ads that tell me about how they care rather than telling me about their products and how I should wash my hands. Really, it’s like one never-ending lecture that I know I didn’t sign up for. Ahem.

On the writing front I’ve been nonproductive for the past few months. Most of that I blame on just being busy with editing projects, both at work and outside of work, and my energy for thinking and decisionmaking has just run low. But the borderline depression from being cooped up all spring isn’t helping, either. I’m spending some time organizing projects and setting tasks and deadlines, so that at least gives me a structure to work from. This week I’ll be putting finishing touches on the Writer’s Catalyst Beach Edition and another forthcoming book from Corrugated Sky, which will be our debut historical fiction novel.

And from one Runner Five to other Runner Fives, stay safe out there!