New Year, New Hobby

Welcome to Focal Plane, a new blog destined to be about writing and photography.

Notice I say “destined,” because I know from experience that things change, and I’ll probably be adding more subject areas as Focal Plane matures.

I’ll be adding some previously-written articles that should be of interest to fellow writers and photographers in the Pages area of the blog. Look for these stories to post during the month of January. After that, new material will be added at random intervals!

Under our company name of Tangent Graphics, my husband and I have been selling our photographs at local craft shows. It seemed like such a good idea, but it can be really expensive to do shows and hasn’t really brought in a lot of money for us. So, I’m planning to add e-commerce capability to our website during 2007 so that we can sell our photography online.

If you’d like to see the current Tangent Graphics website, go to