Photography on the Cheap

Photography can be an expensive hobby, can’t it? Consider the cost of buying and developing film (if you still use film), plus plastic sleeves to hold slides or negatives. Then there are hangers for file cabinet storage, or archival boxes for those of you who’d rather box your stuff.

For digital photographers, there’s the initial cost of digital media and the requisite pouches and bags to carry your memory chips. There are special cleaning kits for the camera’s CCD. Special bags, because a regular camera bag doesn’t have those really small, really neat, anti-static kind of pockets for chips.

For all photographers, there’s the cost of photo albums, frames, scanning software and hardware, photo editing software, printers, inks, and paper. And for those photographers who are really serious, there are monitor calibration devices and software, ICC profiles for your printer, and other technical tools to help make your life better. And don’t forget the cost of upgrading your computer, just in case it doesn’t have enough memory to handle those filter effects on your images or enough hard drive space to store them.

In an effort to help photographers save on expenses, I’ll be adding a Cheap Tricks section to show you how to use inexpensive props and tools to help make your photography life better.