Thoroughly Modern Ducky

Mallard and Reflections

This male mallard duck is swimming through the reflection of Baltimore’s World Trade Center, seemingly unaware that he is a part of modern art. I took this image with my Nikon D70 and a 28-75mm lens. No digital manipulation has been done to this image — it’s exactly as I saw it!

We had gone up to Baltimore so that I could take photographs of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which was held this year on Sunday, March 11th. I’ll be posting the story behind that, as well as some of my favorite photos from the parade. It was certainly a colorful event, and not all of the colors were shades of green, either!

After the parade, and fortified with food and drink, we wandered over to the Inner Harbor to take a few photos before heading home. Baltimore isn’t very far for us, about 30 miles, but we don’t get up there much and it always seems like we’re tourists. I guess we are, kind of — just call us the “out of towners”! I’m taking a photojournalism class at the University of Maryland University College and this photo trip was for a class project.

I saw reflections of the World Trade Center in the water and thought they were interesting. As the water moved up and down, lapping at the docks, the reflections formed circles that continually moved, first breaking apart and then reforming, reshaping themselves into ovals and circles. It was pop art in motion. I was mesmzerized!

I wanted to do some aperture work and see how the images of the reflection would come out at different depths of field. I took about 8 photos of the reflection, not noticing that there was even a duck nearby. Mallards tend to travel in pairs, and this one was no exception because the female was close behind him, although I didn’t manage to get a photo of her because she was busy skimming the dockside looking for handhouts. The male just happened to swim into view as I was taking pictures. Carpe diem! I kept clicking the shutter and managed to get the bird in good focus. Notice how he has a small wake behind him, and how he broke up the reflection and allowed blue water (actually, a reflection of the sky) to show around his body like a halo.

This photo was taken with the D70 in Shutter Priority mode, with an aperture of 7.1 and a focal length of 75mm. I love how the image data is saved with the image! No more carrying around notepads and forgetting to record exposure data!


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  1. Thank you. I have other photos of this reflection, but they’re not as nice without the duck in the picture. He really made it interesting.

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