Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Following up on the post Thoroughly Modern Ducky, I have a few more images from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to share with you. The day we were there was bright and sunny, without much of the haze and humidity that besets Maryland sometime in mid to late April. That made it an excellent day for photography; reflections were bright and crisp and allowed for some quick shutter times. That was important, since we hadn’t brought our tripods.

Paddle Boats
Paddle boats awaiting summer’s tourists

The Inner Harbor area is a curious mix of old and new. At one end of the harbor the U.S.S. Constellation is moored. The Constellation holds the distinction of being the last sail-powered warship built by the U.S. Navy, and is now a floating museum. The complexity of the ship’s rigging and masts contrasts with the smooth contours of the U.S.S. Torsk, which is anchored directly in front of the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Another ship, the lightship Chesapeake, also calls Baltimore’s Inner Harbor home.

U.S.S. Torsk
The U.S.S. Torsk, SS-423, has made Baltimore her home since 1972.

National Aquarium in Baltimore
The National Aquarium in Baltimore (and seagull).