Slow Going

Stone Turtle

I knew at some point I’d get so busy working on other things that I wouldn’t get around to writing anything for Focal Plane. So many things are happening, or else pending, that it makes my head spin. I rebel by sitting and playing Guild Wars on my computer until nearly midnight so I don’t have to think about all the things I have to do!

Our online store was just getting off to a really slow start when the CafePress servers had a massive crash that affected a lot of stores. I’ve been waiting for them to get the hardware back up and running before I upload more images. In the meantime, I’m also working on getting software to put a really nice photo gallery on the Tangent Graphics website to replace the “thrown together” look which now dominates the site.

I know it’s not pretty. Yet. It’s just that everything I want to do requires learning more and more software and programming, in addition to still doing the writing and photography. And on top of that, I’m finishing off two 300-level college classes in the next week and a half, one of which I’m putting a slideshow together for (more software!). Plus, we’ve been interviewing contractors in preparation for doing some massive home repair and renovation that could have us living in two rooms for five or more months. Ugh. That means we need to clean out the house…

I’ll leave you with this photograph of a stone turtle that stands guard in front of the reptile house at the National Zoo. It was easy to photograph because it wasn’t moving, unlike other zoo denizens. The image was captured using a Nikon FE2 with Kodak slide film.