End of an Era

The area we live in has been changing, sometimes quickly, sometimes too quickly. It’s not that new stores are being built in addition to the old familiar things, but that the one-of-a-kind stores are being run out of business and replaced by clone stores. Now I know that Tastee-freez is a franchise and that there are more than one of them, but in the Washington D.C. metro area they are very rare.

The TasteeFreez sign. Aperture: f/22; 20mm lens.

Laurel is about 8 miles away from us, and we end up doing a lot of shopping there. At least, there are several stores there that we visit on a fairly regular basis, anyway. One of our rituals was to drive to Laurel, stop at the Tastee-freez for cheeseburgers and the world’s best french fries, get a Starbucks coffee, and be fueled to do a bit of shopping.

Going out of Business
Oh no! No more french fries!

It was with horror that we ended up in an empty Tastee-freez parking lot one Saturday only to find “going out of business” signs plastered on the windows. Was it our fault? Didn’t we buy enough cones, enough fries, to keep them in business? When Ben asks me what I want to do for lunch on Saturday, I keep having to check myself to keep from saying “Let’s go to TasteeFreez.”

I miss TasteeFreez. But I did what photographers do; I took some shots of the store, the sign, the empty parking lot. Like they say, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”