Ukazoo Books

We’ve just dropped off eight of our framed photographs at Ukazoo Books in Towson, Maryland. They’ll be hanging in the bookstore’s reading areas and will be for sale. The store’s official Grand Opening is slated for June 29, but the store will be open starting on Monday, June 18.

This marks a change for us in the way we are trying to sell our framed photographs. We have been doing craft shows in the Maryland/Virginia area, and we’ve even tried one in Pennsylvania. The craft shows can be expensive and it is difficult to find ones that bring in buyers. We decided not to do any shows for 2007, and maybe instead attend some shows and see which ones might be a good match for us. Take a year off, relax, and do some more photography.

The problem with doing craft shows is finding the right ones. Unfortunately, they get expensive very quickly, with booth rental spaces ranging from $100 up to $500 and more. And there is absolutely no guarantee that you will sell anything at all. Most people who aren’t in business for themselves don’t seem to understand this. There is no “build it and they will come” guarantee for anything that you do, much less a “display it and they will buy” guarantee.

The other problem with many craft shows is the time involvement. My husband and I both work full-time jobs, and a weekend show requires getting up early on Saturday to pack the van, drive for an hour or so, and set up the exhibit. We staff the booth all weekend until about five or six o’clock on Sunday, when we dismantle the booth and head for home. Some shows are Friday evening, plus Saturday and Sunday, which makes it even more difficult for working people to do without having to take vacation time. That would be okay if we sold anything…

So, help us out. Visit Ukazoo Books, browse, and buy.