Cathedral Window


One of the photographs that we will have available for sale at Ukazoo Books, which opens next week, is “Cathedral Window,” taken by Bennett Garvin. The subject of the photo is The Washington National Cathedral, located in the heart of Washington. This awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral is celebrating its Centennial this year and is a fantastic place to practice photography because there are architectural details everywhere.

The photograph is wonderfully graphic and almost surreal, which adds to the gothic feel of the image. The gorgeous golden yellow was obtained by using a color filter with Kodak’s Ektachrome EIR color infrared film, which already renders false-color images. I don’t remember what filter Ben used, but it was probably blue. There is no other manipulation done to this image except scanning it into the computer, cleaning up some dust, and printing it out. All of the false-color comes from the infrared film and color filter and not from Photoshop or any other image-editing software.

It was a balmy 19 degrees Fahrenheit on the February morning that we took photographs at the Cathedral. Needless to say we didn’t have to worry too much about the infrared film getting fogged by heat. Static from the low humidity was something we had to be careful about, however, so we still had to handle the film with care. And changing lenses or focusing in the cold required taking off our gloves, so we only took a few exterior images before packing up and heading inside.

If you plan to visit Ukazoo Books, please take a moment to check out this wonderfully surreal photograph. It is framed in a heavy wood frame that enhances the graphic nature of the image. The photo is signed by Bennett and is available for sale. It would make a wonderful addition to any room, but most especially a den or library.