Cape Cod Redux

dsc_1098.jpgThis is my house before it lost its top. Literally. The upper story was simply cut off, just like taking the top layer off of a layer cake. Too bad there isn’t any icing…

In the second photograph, the house has had its new second story put up. The outer walls are in place and ready for siding. The roof is papered and shingled, as well as part of the porch, although it’s not visible in the picture. It’s just not in the budget for aerial photography!

The wraparound porch is partially constructed, with the back and side decks and roofing in place. The contractors have just begun work on the front porch. When we were in the planning stages of the project, I was initially a bit tepid about the porch idea. I have spent the past few years inside, hiding from insects, heat, and noise, all of which seem to be ongoing issues for this neighborhood. Now that the porch is real, it seems like my enthusiasm for it is picking up. It’s going to be a bit of a lifestyle change for us to have all this space. I just hope the amount of junk we have doesn’t expand to fill the space available!