Empty Nest

So, what happened to the robins? That’s what I’d like to know — one afternoon I came home from work and the nest was empty. No shells, no mess anywhere, no sign that the nest had even been disturbed. But all of the eggs were gone.

I have a few theories about what kind of animal got to them. We’ve seen opossum and raccoons in our yard often enough, so they are the most likely suspects. The neatness of the empty nest makes me think that whatever got to the eggs was able to lift them and carry them off, which is why I don’t think that a dog or cat got to the nest. They would have needed to scoop out the eggs, and would at least have disturbed some of the twigs. And a dog big enough to reach the nest would have had a hard time not destroying the nest with its paws. A cat could have nimbly scooped out the eggs, but then would it have been able to carry the egg neatly away, or eat it without leaving a mess behind? Squirrels are also a possibility, but I’m not sure they could pick up something as big as a robin egg without dropping it.

Anyways, with the nest emptied, the robin never returned to it. It remains a mystery.