Buy My Art

Last night I set up an account on Fine Art America to showcase and sell my photography. I only had a couple of hours to start going through my photographs and uploading files, so there are just a couple of images that are ready for purchase.

One of the images is Pink Water Lily Close-up which was one of the first images that I added to Focal Plane. The pink lily has been the all-time favorite here, so it’s now available in my gallery for purchase in a variety of sizes. The image isn’t quite a standard size, but you can buy mats and frames when you order the print. Gallery prints and stretched canvas prints are another option if you like a more modern look to your artwork. The pink water lily lends itself to a variety of presentations, so the art itself won’t limit your choice of frames or mats.

Stop by and visit, and leave a comment. Be sure to bookmark my page or add it to your watch list, if you are also a Fine Art America member.

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