Thursday Writing Prompt No. 1

This week I’m posting the first installment of Thursday Writing Prompts. The idea of a writing prompt is to give you enough material to spark some creativity. You’ll get the basic ingredients for a story, and like the chefs on one of those TV game shows, you need to use these ingredients in your writing to create something clever, whether it’s a poem, short story, or chapter for a novel.

Like a craft kit, where you get all the materials and instructions necessary to make a finished product, the Thursday Writing Prompts will give you materials and directions so you can avoid the dreaded blank-page syndrome. Or worse, the question “What should I write about?” That’s worse than wondering what to have for dinner!

You need to supply the time, paper, pen, or computer to do the writing assignment, but don’t fret over them. They aren’t “work” and no one will know if you don’t complete the writing project except you. But if you take even ten minutes to work up a few ideas, just getting started can unfreeze your creativity and get you writing.

Here’s the first Thursday Writing Prompt:

Imagine yourself standing at a reception desk in an office building. There is a vase with flowers at the end of the counter. In about 150 words, describe the vase and the kinds of flowers it holds. Use these words in your writing: tulip, glisten, white, reflection, and waxy.