Thursday Writing Prompt No. 3

Feel like you’re starting to generate some writing ideas? These writing prompts should be fun, so I hope you’re enjoying them. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the blog.

Week three’s workout is going to task you to expand your vocabulary. You’re going to write quickly, without worrying about your word choice. Then you’re going to review your work and try to make it better by trying out new words. This assignment requires a thesaurus, and either a book or online version will be okay.

First, you’re going to write a short descriptive paragraph about an old-fashioned movie theater. Search for photos of old movie theaters, the ones with tons of character — not the generic boxes we have today. In about 150-200 words, describe the look of the marquee, the decoration on the doors, the ticket booth, and anything else about the architecture.

When you’re done writing, highlight about five or six adjectives that you used in your description. Adjectives are words that modify nouns, such as “red” or “velvet.” Now consult your thesaurus and replace the original words that you highlighted with other words from the thesaurus.

Reread your story. How do you like it? Is it better, or stilted? Does it sound funny? If you don’t like the result, use the thesaurus again and find other options for those words. Keep replacing them until you’re satisfied that the end product is snappier than the original.


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    • Sounds good! If you post about what you write, feel free to post a link to it here. And let us see the before and after stuff, too!

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