Thursday Writing Prompt No. 4

A Yellowstone Yellow Tour Bus

Your protagonist is going to take a ride on a Yellowstone Tour Bus.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is going to focus on writing dialogue. Your story’s main character, MC, is going to take a ride on a Yellowstone Tour Bus. MC is ready to take in the sights and do a little relaxing. The early September day is sunny, warm but not hot, and the air is crisp and clear. Fall is just around the corner. A few photogenic little puffy clouds hug the horizon. I’ve posted a picture of the bus to help jump start your creative juices.

Now, MC thinks he is lucky when he snags a window seat, since he wants to do some cool photography. But he has the unfortunate luck to get seated next to someone who won’t stop talking. MC can’t concentrate on his art while his neighbor keeps yakking away.

Your writing task is to have MC make up a story so weird that the talkative seatmate will want to move to another seat. But that won’t be possible until the next sightseeing stop, since the bus is so small. So MC’s weird story will have to work on quieting the seatmate until then. MC’s story can be replies to the other passenger’s dialogue, or something totally unrelated. It’s your story now: you need to supply the dialogue for both Yakky and MC.

Now, I’m going to put some limits on what MC can do: he can’t engage in physical violence or yell at the other passenger; he can’t get off the bus and wait for the next one; and he can’t get other passengers to intercede. The weirdness of your character’s story by itself should be enough to make the seatmate quiet down and want to move. (And yes, MC and Yakky can be either male or female; it’s just easier to use the pronoun “he” than switch back and forth.)

Aim to accomplish this in about 500 words.