Thursday Writing Prompt No. 6

reflections on glass building

Would you ride in the red elevator?

The sixth installment of the Thursday Writing Prompts asks you to write a short story that’s at least one page (250 words) long. If this prompt sets your pen or keyboard on fire and you find yourself in the middle of a creative streak, then great! Keep writing!

I’m providing you with the opening scene for a story. Don’t take my words verbatim, but use your own to describe this scene and develop it into your story. You can take the story in any direction that you want, whether it’s a mystery, narrative, science fiction, or nonfiction article about phobias. It doesn’t matter: just write. See what you can come up with. I’d say allow yourself at least 20 minutes for this exercise, but don’t fret over the time, because it’s not a deadline. And if you don’t finish it in one sitting, that’s okay, too.

Are you ready? Okay, here’s the scene:

Rob gazed out his office window at the glass facade of the building across the street. In the reflections, the construction hoist on the building next to his was clearly visible, and he watched with detached interest as its red car climbed smoothly up the white scaffolding. There were two guys in the elevator. Rob couldn’t see the men, only the tops of their neon yellow hardhats. He wondered what it was like to ride in an open elevator without fear.

Be sure to think about why Rob is wondering about riding in an open elevator without fear. Is he afraid of riding in elevators? Or only open ones? Does he have a fear of heights? Did something happen to him to make him fearful? Or did he do something to the elevator?