Thursday Writing Prompt No. 12

Roman soldier statues

These Roman soldiers were standing at attention outside a used furniture consignment shop on Main Street in Laurel, Maryland.

You wake up in the morning to find that you’ve been transported across time and space to end up in a Roman marketplace. See these guards? They think you’ve stolen something. They come toward you, meaning to take you into custody and take you before the prelate. Or something like that.

Your task is to write an action scene in first-person point of view. You’re the star of this story. Your primary motivation is simple: get away from the guards. Your secondary motivation is to not let them catch you. And your third, and probably most important motivation, is to try to figure out how you got there and how you’re going to get back home.

That’s probably too much territory for a short story to cover adequately, but you don’t have to write an entire story. The action scene is quite enough for now. I’m trying to provide you with enough inspiration to draft a scene and develop a general plot for a story that you can complete later.

Be sure to do some research so you don’t have yourself running around the agora when you’re actually in the middle of a Roman marketplace.



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