And so it begins…

Today’s the first day of November, and it’s also the first day of NanoWrimo. My bid to get up extra early didn’t work out too well, and I blame that on the stress levels I have at work. I have several projects that are trying to get the better of me, and my great plan to have everything under control before NaNo started went up in smoke. It’s just like when I was a freelancer: either there’s not much to do, or everything happens at once. I know to expect it, but it still drives me nuts.

Anyway, I started off slowly so I told myself to get 200 words written before lunchtime. But I also had an eye doctor appointment, so I had to plan around that, too. And to top it all off, I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener, which I haven’t had much time to learn.

So there I sat this morning, trying to figure out how to start typing in this new program. I was playing with it the other day and felt pretty comfortable with the basics. Now I couldn’t seem to do anything. I realized I was just getting anxious, but of course that made it worse. Pulling up the help file didn’t help much because I had absolutely no intention of reading that much material before I started writing, else I would end up doing no writing — but a lot of reading. I eventually figured it out, and it ended up being something very simple.

Then, amazingly, I managed to put nearly 900 words down before I left to run my errands. This afternoon I got back to the keyboard and started writing again. The writing is going well so far, but now I’ve managed to mess up the session target number because I closed the program and then reopened it. The total word count is still there, but I was looking forward to seeing the yellow status bar turn green as my word count increased.

Still, I managed to write 2,291 words and finish the first chapter. That’s 4.58 percent of the novel. Whee!