Thursday Writing Prompt No. 18

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to have anything for you this week, right? Well, I almost forgot. I’m so wrapped up in writing my novel for NaNoWriMo that the week has slipped by almost unnoticed. Since I’m doing NaNo and going for quantity, I’m going to task you with the same thing this week. You don’t need to write 50,000 words, though. But you do need to write within a specified timeframe.

So, here’s the prompt: you take a well-deserved vacation and decide to go to the beach. As you walk along the shore, enjoying the sunshine and looking for shells, you find something metallic sticking partway out of the sand. You kneel down and start scooping sand away from it, and eventually you pull out a small brass lantern. It’s shaped like an elongated teapot, and you realize it’s a genie’s lamp.

Yeah, right, you think. But you look around and when you don’t see anyone nearby you rub the lamp. Poof! A thin stream of blue smoke pours out the the lamp and materializes into a genie — complete with a turban and swordbelt. Except that where the sword should be, there’s a very large pencil. It’s the Writer’s Genie.

The Writer’s Genie offers you three wishes for things that will help you write better. What are they? Set your timer for fifteen minutes and write as much as you can. Be sure to list all three items, even if you don’t have time for a full explanation of why they’re great tools.