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Today Google is wearing a black rectangle to warn us of censorship. In yet another ploy to “help” us by telling us that they’re going to fight piracy, our bungling government is fixing to wreak havoc on free speech. And  the sweeping laws that they propose will not address piracy, but instead limit our freedom. As usual, law-abiding citizens will pay the price and the pirates will still roam free.

Make no mistake about it: this law is not about piracy, it is about restricting free speech and controlling what information you have access to. If that does not frighten you, it should. These censorship bills are not something that any of us should ignore, no matter our political persuasion.

Please take some time to visit some of these websites and educate yourself about what is going on. Then, take action by writing or phoning your congressional representatives. Please, do not just assume that someone else will do it!

Google – More about SOPA and PIPA

Fight for the Future

SOPA: Hollywood Finally Gets a Chance to Break the Internet

PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet

How SOPA Would Affect You

SOPA: An Architecture for Censorship

Directory of Representatives

4 thoughts on “Support Free Speech

  1. Did you know that you can add a ribbon on your blog for this? Under settings, there is a Protest SOPA section. You can black out your blog today, and put a ribbon, or just pick one to add to your site.

  2. Yes, I knew there was that option but I couldn’t seem to get the code inserted properly into my header. 😦

    Thanks for reading the post. I hope some of those links were helpful.

  3. It is not up to the government to do the work of the copyright owner. The copyright owner should be diligent and upon finding infringement, ask the government to enforce the law. Requiring companies to serve as a proxy for copyright owners (when the company, such as an ISP is not in the business of determining whether or not a copyright has been infringed upon) is requiring the ISP to do the work for the copyright owner and the government. Not only is this a censorship issue, it creates a conflict of interest. The government should not delegate its law enforcement authority to private businesses in such a manner. Unless, of course, the government is not about adhering to the Constitution…

  4. That’s absolutely true, Steam. But I think this is goes beyond copyright and may even be a government power ploy, deliberate or not. They’ll be able to blame the *evil* corporations for any censorship and then disavow that they’ve had a hand in it at all — because they were just trying to *help* us. Then when there’s the inevitable outcry, the politicians will have to step in and do something about it. It’s a slow but sure erosion of our freedom. And yeah, this current crop of politicians doesn’t seem to give a fig about the Constitution or our rights. And it’s not just one party, either. I think we need Hercules to divert the Potomac and clean out our version of the Augean Stables.

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