Thursday Writing Prompt No. 29


I haven’t been feeling well, so the Thursday Writing Prompt is late again. This week’s prompt is going to use a photograph to set the stage for a short story.

This photo shows an intersection in Washington, D.C. It’s a rainy day, pedestrians are few, and those who do venture out into the rain have their umbrellas unfurled. The person on the sidewalk appears to be just standing there, waiting for something or someone. It could be a taxi cab or a friend. Or maybe the person is lost.

Your job this week is to write a short story where that person is the main character. To make it more interesting, write the story from first-person point of view. That’s where you use the “I” construction. First-person point of view, or POV, is very personal and will draw your reader in. But the pitfalls are that it sometimes sounds a bit like a resume with the constant use of “I did this, I did that.” Another problem is slipping out of the POV and describing the scene to the reader from a narrator’s point of view. You need to keep your POV consistent throughout the story, which isn’t always easy to do.

To further complicate the assignment, I’m going to have you write a piece of flash fiction that’s 500 words or less. This will help you focus on the character and not worry so much about getting into description or long plot arcs. Have fun!