Thursday Writing Prompt No. 30


In this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt I’m giving you a few items that you’ll have to include in a short story of 1,000 words or less. The genre of the story can be anything that you want: mystery, science fiction, romance, or even a memoir. The only rules are that you must use all of the items in your work.

Here’s the scenario: you’re taking a shortcut through this park and you find a backpack setting underneath one of the trees. It’s completely empty and has no identification tags or anything, so you pick it up. It’s really nice and looks new, too. Describe it in your story. You pick it up, swing it up onto your shoulders, and keep walking.

Next you find a book. Like the backpack, it looks new and doesn’t have anyone’s name written inside of it. There are no bookmarks or writing inside the book. It sounds like something you’d enjoy reading, so you put it in the convenient backpack and keep walking.

The third item you find is a watch. What the heck, you think, and chuck it in the bag, too. The fourth item you find is a screwdriver, and the fifth and final item is a dog’s collar.

Make of it what you will, but use the backpack, book, watch, screwdriver, and dog collar in your story. And have fun!