Thursday Writing Prompt No. 31

A turn-of-the century advertisement for electric light bulbs.


In this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt we revisit the subject of vocabulary. Language is a moving target: we continually add new words to our language, while others sink into disuse. English is lucky in that it has no language police who guard our native tongue from picking up words here and there. And with English being used so widely as a business language around the world, it has picked up a fair share of foreign words that have become part and parcel of English.

Today I’m offering some words for your reading pleasure. There is no specific order or meaning to this list, because I simply looked through the dictionary and picked words at random. Make with them what you will, but try to use some of them by writing a short paragraph or dialogue to help learn them. You may find some of the words just too specialized to come up in daily speech, but that’s okay. This exercise is about expanding your lexical horizons, not finding ways to use them with your friends or family.

As in previous vocabulary exercises, I’m not going to provide you with the definitions because I want you to do some work. While you’re busy looking up these words, you might just find some others that are fun to use.
too. Here they are:

jodphur                   plinth                   mentation
geminate                  wither                   elucidate
tailing                   diaphanous               pinion
facet                     filial                   settee
candor                    gurney                   titrate