Thursday Writing Prompt No. 39

For this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt you’ll be asked to write a short story in the form of an e-mail exchange. You can have as many people in the story as you want, but since the format of e-mail is very similar to dialogue, there won’t be any real need to describe scenery. The story is going to rely exclusively on what your characters write to one another.

This may actually be harder than it sounds, because pure dialogue can become boring, but resist the urge to have your characters describe their world. You should be able to pull off a story without having to add filler. Remember to give each character a distinct voice. Even with e-mail a person’s voice and personality should come through in what they write and how they write it. Some people are terse, which can sound snippy, while others repeat themselves or ramble on.

So here’s the scene set-up: your characters work together and the e-mails are a work exchange.  Don’t fall into the trap of having everyone use text-speech, because not everyone LOLs in their e-mails, especially at work. Let’s say that something important has just happened at work; maybe someone got fired over an incident that involved your characters. The fired person will not appear in your story, but the other people involved are still there.

Now, to add a twist: because this is a sensitive subject at work, your characters can’t write freely about what happened, so they have to allude to it. But they have to understand one another. Now, go to it and have some fun!