Thursday Writing Prompt No. 44

One of the many desert monument formations in the area around Moab, Utah. I took this photo in October 2010 and converted it to a lomo look in Photoshop with the Topaz Adjust 5 filters.

By the time that you read this, I’m already at my hotel room anticipating the third annual Steampunk World’s Fair, which starts tomorrow. Since I don’t have any photos of it yet, I’ve posted a photo from another road trip.

Today I’m offering a short writing prompt: verb and reverb. Your task is to take something that you’ve already written and replace the verbs that you have with new ones. The point of this exercise is to expand your vocabulary and refine nuances of meaning in your writing. I had a comment on something that I wrote about an “overused verb” which made me start thinking about this. So, take a verb, and re-verb it!

Now, in the real world when you’re writing, it can be a little ridiculous if you replace every occurrence of a word with something more expansive. “Said” is a prime example: writers often try very hard to avoid using this over and over and they substitute words like “chuckled,” “whimpered,” and all sorts of vocal-related verbs that would probably be better left languishing in the dictionary.

So, there you have it. For this exercise,don’t worry about overdoing it. Have fun and make it extreme! You’re probably the only one who’s going to read it at this point, and you can always go back and edit out the more ridiculous verbs.