Thursday Writing Prompt No. 45

Power plant. This photo was taken on the banks of the Anacostia River, a tributary of the Potomac, at the National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.

Ah, back from the Steampunk World’s Fair and trying to get back into work mode … but next week is another holiday already! I don’t know what day it is. Hey, that give me an idea for this week’s writing prompt!

Imagine that you’ve just woken up in a hospital bed with your head bandaged. You can’t remember anything about what happened and you have no idea why you’re in the hospital. The doctor comes in and assures you that your memory will return in a few days. Meanwhile, a nurse will take you home and stay with you. You wonder how these people know who you are.

You’re taken home, but you don’t recognize anything. Write about the sensations and experience of relearning your way around your home. What kind of questions will you ask the nurse? What do you feel when you pick up photographs and see yourself in them with people you don’t recognize? What kind of person do you think you are?