Thursday Writing Prompt No. 48

This week’s prompt is going to make you do some time traveling. Imagine that you’ve just gotten out of bed and you go through your normal morning routine. Everything inside your home seems quite normal. You get ready to leave for work or school, or just to go out. And that’s when it happens.

As soon as you close the door, you turn around and find yourself in the same place, but in a different time. You have two directions you can go with this idea: into the past, or into the future. It’s your call, but for this assignment I suggest trying your hand at the past. This will make it easier to figure out what you need to have or not have in your story, and you won’t have to invent technology or try to guess what the politics or social mores of your story might be. Sometimes it’s easier to work within a known framework because it gives you structure to build your story around.

So, spin those clock hands and come up with a decade of your choice. Now, write a short story from a first-person point of view about what happens to you once you’ve gone outside and time traveled. Are you alone? Can you get back inside your home? Is the building still there? And do you even want to get back home?