Thursday Writing Prompt No. 51

English lavender in my garden. The photo was taken
with the Retro Camera app on my Droid phone.

This morning there was a stinkbug on the outside of my window, which gave me the idea for this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. Writers have to take inspiration from wherever it comes, don’t we? This week, you’ll write a short story from a nonhuman point of view. This assignment would probably work best as a first-person narrative, so why don’t you write it that way?

Imagine that you are an insect for a single day. You can be a pesky fly or bloodsucking mosquito, or a lovely butterfly. You will have all the regular eating and lifestyle habits of the insect that you choose, but you’ll still have your intellect. So, for example, the fly can land on any food (including chocolate cake!) but the butterfly would be limited to the nectar that it normally eats.

This is a good time to do a little research into insects and build up your writer’s toolkit of random knowledge. You don’t have to limit yourself to the kind of insects that you find in your own backyard, although you’ll probably be more familiar with them. But it might be fun to be a Goliath beetle, which can grow up to four inches in length, and run around the house scaring your family. Unless your dog eats you, that is.

The fun part of this assignment is that you can imagine yourself spending the day pestering humans or exploring the garden or walking on the ceiling. The bad part is that if some human swats at you with a rolled up newspaper or steps on you, you’re dead. And don’t forget that those beautiful songbirds eat insects! Now, go forth and turn yourself into an insect.