Thursday Writing Prompt No. 55

This week’s writing prompt is here! Today you will write a short story about a character who visits a flea market and buys an old trunk. It’s a small trunk, and it has leather straps and a brass lock, but the key to the lock has been lost. Your character takes the trunk home with the expectation that the lock can easily be picked.

Once your MC gets home, he or she finds a screwdriver and manages to pop the lock open. Inside the trunk are several small items. There’s a medallion for Expo 67, a pen with a stuffed owl head made from a pompom on the top of it, a locked diary, a small green plastic toy soldier, a rusted pocket knife, and a matchbook with no matches but with an address and phone number penciled inside.

Write a story that includes all these items. Does your main character throw the things away, or call the phone number inside the matchbook? And what’s in the diary?