Thursday Writing Prompt No. 56

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is a bit late. I started a graduate class on Monday on the Renaissance and Reformation, and I’ve been preoccupied with ordering books and downloading PDF files to read and making sure my calendar was in order. In other words, I’m running around in virtual circles trying to make sure I get all my work done.

This class is going to be on the hefty side for reading. I ordered the five books recommended, now there are five more, plus at least another two to be determined when I select my final two essays. We’re writing four essays total instead of a single term paper. I kind of like that in a subject like this because it lets me explore more topics.

One thing we’re encouraged to do is explore online museums and look at Renaissance Art, and visit any local museums. So, in honor of the Renaissance, this week’s prompt is going to take you to a museum. Take a look at Titian’s Portrait of a Lady at the National Gallery of Art’s website. Imagine that you are an art critic who’s seeing this for the first time, and write a description of the painting for a newspaper review.