Thursday Writing Prompt No. 58

This achromatic photo of a white spider chrysanthemum resting on a piece of black velvet displays chiaroscuro effects.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is a vocabulary booster. Since I’m reading all about the Renaissance, I’m going to give you a list of art-related terms to work into your writing. As with the other posts on vocabulary, you have to do the work of looking them up if you’re not already familiar with them.

Here are some basic art terms, although the list is far from complete:

Achromatic              Acrylic    
Armature                Chiaroscuro
Composition             Egg Tempera
Fresco                  Impasto
Oxides                  Perspective
Secco Fresco            Underpainting

Now, to add some pizazz, here’s a second list of art terms. These are names of oil paint colors. Some of them are named after the ingredient used to color the paint and have been in common usage for many years, while others are descriptive or perhaps given by the manufacturer of the paint. Consider adding some of these names to your writing instead of using the basic color names.

Titanium white            Cadmium yellow   
Naples yellow             Alizarin yellow
Cadmium red               Quinacridone magenta
Ultramarine violet        Sevres blue
Phthalo blue              Viridian
Prussian blue             Veronese green
Sap green                 Payne's grey
Raw sienna                Red ochre
Mars red                  Dutch brown
Van Dyke brown            Lamp black