Thursday Writing Prompt No. 62

This could be the clue in a killer mystery of some yet-to-be-written NaNo novel.

Oh my. It’s 27 days and counting to the 2012 installment of National Novel Writing Month. I did it last year for the first time and won with just over 73,000 words. I have 27 days to finish my first novel, which I started last year. I went back to the beginning and started editing it because I needed to nail down some issues to clarify the ending, but now I need to end it. Yet it doesn’t want to end. I have the feeling that this could be trilogy material, or a short series. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

So, let’s do some brainstorming this week for possible novel plots. What does the photo of the banana have to do with this week’s post, you ask? Well, it could mean anything. It could be a clue to a mystery, or an alien spacecraft cleverly camouflaged as a piece of Earth plant material. That’s where you need to get inventive.

Anyway, I’m not asking you to write about the banana. It’s just decoration for this post because people like looking at photos. And because photos do tickle our imaginations and make us think. So your goal is to write the idea for a NaNo novel in about 350 words. That should be short enough to make you summarize the plot instead of writing the story, yet long enough to leave you breathing room to add some details.

Start with a topic sentence, just like you did in high-school essays, then keep writing more sentences. Or just write phrases or names. It doesn’t matter how you begin to put this together or what mess you create on the page, because you’re going to edit it once you’re done writing to make it sound coherent. Make it sound like something you’d send off to an agent when you try to sell your novel.