Thursday Writing Prompt No. 63

New York City street scene.

This week’s writing prompt is a photo prompt. I took this on my recent trip to New York City, highlighting only the yellows in the image by using the selective color feature on my Nikon Coolpix camera. Maybe because I did black-and-white darkroom photography for years, I have a soft spot for monochrome images. I like finding the texture in subjects and trying to bring that out in my images.

There is an unidentified pedestrian with a dog in the photo. I want you to write about this scene, from the point of view of the dog. Think about what would be most important to him, not to the person. Does the dog care about the smells of food that might be coming out of the restaurants? Does he care about the traffic, or is he more interested in something that is lying on the street that we don’t see? Maybe his paws are cold and he just wants to get home.

You can write a complete short story, or just a few paragraphs describing the scene. But try to put yourself into the dog’s point of view and be sure to use sensory descriptions in your writing. Let the reader see, hear, and most especially — smell — what is going on in the scene.