Writing Two Little Words

Since I did NaNo last November I’ve been working at finishing my first novel. I won Nano with 73,000+ words, but the novel wasn’t done. I wrote some more chapters, then got stuck and went on to begin editing it from the beginning. Along the way I wrote a couple of more chapters.

I’ve been trying to figure out the ending, where my character needs to be to complete his goals. Well, he wanted to get back home, and he did that. But it wasn’t much of an ending, really. I ground to a halt in the writing process and could not figure out what I needed to do with the main character.

I started thinking of more things to happen that would bring out the back story, which has grown in my mind from a simple sentence’s worth of history to a possible full-blown environmental/political/social milieu for the story. I started thinking this might be a candidate for a trilogy, or at least two books. And that’s when it struck me: the book was finished, I just hadn’t realized it until now. I realized what the main character needed to do. I won’t tell you what that is because it might be a plot spoiler, but once I realized it I wondered how I hadn’t seen it before now.

So I went back into the chapter I’ve been working on and added another thousand words, fleshing out the interaction between characters and drawing the story to its conclusion. Then I typed two little words, in all caps: THE END.

And that means that next month, I can start writing book two of the story. Now I just have to decide who’s point of view book two will be written from. My screen name on the NaNoWriMo site is Steampunk Scribbler if you want to check on my progress.


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