The Fall of Tome(s)

These Renaissance angels, from the fifteenth century,
are part of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection.

It’s been a tremendously busy fall for me so far, and I think it’s just about to pick up steam. You’ll forgive the silly history pun in my title, I hope (The Fall of Rome), but I’ve read so much the past two months and a half that I can’t see straight. I’ve already read at least a dozen books for my graduate class on Renaissance and Reformation Europe, and I still have several more on my to-read list. A few were small Very Short Introduction books, but I have a 700-, 600-, and 300-400 word tomes in there as well. And that’s not counting PDFs of journal articles that I’m also reading for the class and for my four research papers.  A friend introduced me to Goodreads earlier this year and it’s been very helpful to record my reading progress so that I can stay on track with my studies. And a bit of a challenge never hurt, either!

If that’s not enough to keep me busy, I’ve decided to try developing some workouts for myself and keeping track of them.. I have already gone through several pedometers. The first one I bought was a very cheap mechanical one and it didn’t work half the time. Then I bought an electronic one that was so convoluted to operate that I stopped using it. Actually, I think the single button on it stopped working properly and I could never get to the menu that I wanted. So I bought a third one. It was electronic, but much simpler, and I used it for awhile. But it, too, went by the wayside.

So yesterday I came across Fitbit, which offers an electronic pedometer that not only will record the steps I’ve taken, but can tell me how many stairs I’ve climbed and a whole lot of other data. It can sync with a computer or smartphone, and I can upload the data to keep close tabs on my activity level. I figure if tracking works for my reading progress, then it can work for my fitness progress.

This weekend I’m going to a flea market to try and sell some stuff I don’t want, as long as the weather is good. Then, next Saturday is a kick-off party for NaNoWriMo, which starts in two weeks. In the meantime, I have some crochet projects to finish and a new book on creating fantasy art to play with.