Thursday Writing Prompt No. 64

The walkway to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial is lined with state flags.

Today’s prompt is to write a description of a scene. I’m going to be a bit specific here: the location is Mount Rushmore. When I got up this morning I put on a T-shirt that I bought at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial a couple of years back, so why not?

Whether you’ve been there or not, don’t rely on memory to write the scene. Go to the website and look at the photographs. Go to a satellite view and look at the terrain. Go to a map and look at the roads and the names of the places around the park. Get an idea of what it takes to get there, and what visitors are likely to see and do.

After you’ve done some research, pretend that you are writing a travelogue. What is it like to be in the park? What’s the temperature? Is it windy? Raining? Describe what it’s like to be at the memorial, not just the carving itself. Try to use sensory impressions to put the reader in the scene.