NaNo 2012, Day 12

I’ve had one zero-word day, which was Saturday. I went to a symposium on World War I sponsored by the Western Front Association East Coast Branch, which was held at Ft. Meade. I got to spend some time in the museum but it wasn’t enough to take in all of the displays. After the day’s talks were over a group of us went out to dinner at the Ram’s Head Tavern in Savage Mill.

I pretty much expected that this was going to be a zero day for NaNo. I tried to write a little bit more on Friday, but Friday wasn’t happening, either. I managed about 1800 words, I think, but not enough to cover Saturday. And yesterday was another mess. I have two articles I’m writing that take precedence, and after six hours of writing on one of the articles I barely had 550 words written. The excuse for that is that I was doing research at the same time, and nonfiction is not fiction. I did manage 378 words on my novel.

Today will probably be a repeat of yesterday. I have to finish the two articles so my novel output may be low for a day or two. I have Friday off work and I’m going to challenge myself to write 5,000 words on Friday. They way things have been going that might take 24 hours.

If you’re doing NaNo this year, I hope the words are flowing for you. My muse has left town. I’m going to be dragging for a couple of days but I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m at just over 20,000 so I am not so far behind that I can’t win. The 80K goal I had is looking a bit more difficult, but I’m not giving up on that, either. Well, off to stare at the screen.