Best Intentions for 2013

I typically don’t make strict New Year’s resolutions because they tend to last a few weeks and then get forgotten once I get back into work mode. I may make an exception this year and put some commitments down on paper (or virtual paper). I’ve been using Goodreads for a year as a way of tracking my reading and now I’m using a FitBit pedometer to track my activity levels. What I’m finding is that tracking works very well for me as long as I keep up with the routine of doing it. And committing to paper is one way of starting the process.

So, here goes. For my writing projects, I will set deadlines and map out times for working on them. It’s strange, but writing things down means you can stop worrying about them and just follow your list. Today I’m mapping out a series of articles to be written over the next four months, a term paper, several short essays, one novel to be edited, one novel to be finished, and a couple of short online articles to be written. With so much going on I need a calendar in front of me all the time, but it helps.

For Focal Plane my aim is a once-a-week Thursday Writing Prompt. I’ve missed several weeks in 2012, so starting tomorrow I will get back on track with that series. I also intend to start doing some more photography posts. High-contrast photography is one of the most-visited pages on Focal Plane, so I will revisit the topic. I also have some macro and close-up photography posts in progress. See you tomorrow for the Thursday Writing Prompt!


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