Climbing the Walls (sort of)

No one warned me when I decided to study history that I would need to reinforce the foundations of my house to hold up all of the bookshelves that I would need. Ha, well, not really. But I do seem to keep running out of bookshelf space. I don’t have enough room in my office to keep adding bookcases, so I tried to take what I already have and build up from there.

I found some of those closet shoe shelves at the local hardware megastore for ten dollars apiece, so I bought four of them and decided to put one together and see if it would work on top of my bookcases. If it didn’t, I would return the other three organizers and use the one I built for actual shoes. I figured it was worth trying, and certainly less expensive than getting rid of the bookshelves I already own and buying new ones.

So I assembled one of the organizers and set it on top of the bookcase. It fits pretty well; the bookcase is about 3 inches wider so the organizer has space on both sides, but it looks pretty deliberate. But with the organizer up high, the unfinished underside of the shelves showed and looked ugly. So I took it apart, turned the shelves upside down so the finished side was on the bottom, and put it back up on the shelves. Now it looked fine, and I’m hoping the unfinished side being on top (and invisible, unless you’re seven feet tall) will keep my organizer boxes from sliding too much.

As you can see in the photo, I got some of those cardboard photo boxes for storage. I think they’ll work pretty well, and there’s still some space to spare on each shelf. Eventually, I could add two more organizers and just leave off the center shelves so as to create two taller shelves for books. The bookcases are still packed full, though, but now I have storage space for office items which will let me declutter my desk.

I’ve been procrastinating on the writing front, but getting some much-needed organization and cleaning done. I think it’s helping me relax because I feel like I’m accomplishing something. And I got a fourth bookcase and put it together today, so now I’ll have space for an inbox and more books. That should last me a few months, at least!


2 thoughts on “Climbing the Walls (sort of)

  1. That’s a really good idea with the organizers. I move too much to have more than a couple boxes of books, but I’ll definitely keep something like this in mind for when (if) I settle down and can start accumulating.

    • Thanks! I’m not sure why I thought about using shoe organizers, but they’re just shelves, after all. I’m using a cubicle-type shoe organizer in the kitchen for tea and wine bottles, and it works great!

      The biggest issue for me is remembering where I’ve put things, and there never seems to be enough space to put everything that belongs together in one spot. I’m hoping these storage boxes will work out. I thought this would look cluttered, but it actually looks pretty clean.

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