Thursday Writing Prompt No. 72

For today’s writing prompt I’m giving you a selection of five items to use in a story. You can use them any way that you want, but here’s the catch: each item can be used by only one character. So with five items you’re going to need at least five characters in your story. Somehow, you must bring these five characters into contact with their items and then bring the people into contact with one another. The five items must somehow be linked so that they can then figure out a puzzle or mystery of your concoction.

This is probably going to be a bit tricky. I haven’t tried it myself (you’re the lab rat here) but I think making a list of the items and assigning them to a character in a sort of outline would be very helpful. Go crazy with a spreadsheet if that’s your thing, otherwise a simple list can do. You story’s location can be anywhere or anytime, but must include some sort of mystery, whether it’s a crime scene or an archaeological dig site.

Now, I’ll give you the list of generic items, but you can add details and make them your own. Here goes:

A broken tooth
A piece of lace
A leather-bound journal
A button
A gold coin

Now, you can let the tooth be animal or human, but your character might not know offhand what it is. The journal can be blank or filled, or written in a strange code or foreign language, and the coin can be real, antique, or a fake. Embellish the details at your leisure and have fun with the premise.