Thursday Writing Prompt No. 73


This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt takes you to the country. I’ve been playing again with some Topaz plug-ins for Photoshop, and the image above is a barn in Gettysburg. I took the photo about four years ago, and I don’t remember if it had a specific name or not, but I’m sure someone out there might recognize it. I like the shapes and the colors in this “artsy” version. I’m going to use this photo as inspiration for the writing prompt.

So, you’ve just arrived in the country, and in case you live in the country, you’re not at home! Pick somewhere else. If you live in Iowa farmland, transport yourself to California or Pennsylvania or anywhere that’s just unfamiliar terrain. The background for your story goes like this: you’ve just inherited a farm from a distant family member who you never even knew was related to you. The inheritance has some strings attached, of course! You must take occupancy of the farm within a month and you must live there for at least five years and continue to run the farm as a working farm. In addition to the land and buildings, any plants or animals on the grounds are yours, too. And along with all this property comes a monthly stipend.

It seems too good to be true — and it is. As soon as you arrive and settle in, strange things start to happen. Now it’s up to you to tell the story of what those things are. Have fun, and be sure to come back and post a comment on what you’ve come up with!