Thursday Writing Prompt No. 76

Let me see! I wanna look out the window!

“Let me see! I wanna look out the window!” “No! It’s my turn, you’ll have to wait!”

You know the feeling when it’s way too quiet in the house? And you know that you’re not alone? Well, that usually means a child or a pet is up to some mischief. My husband got home from the dentist this morning and immediately asked me, “Are you keeping an eye on the birds?”

“Well…” In truth, I had been upstairs working. And the birds usually quite good about staying on top of their cage, even when the door is open, so I have no reservations about walking away and leaving them out on their own while I’m home.

But they weren’t on their cage now. They somehow managed to get on the living room window’s venetian blinds — and even through the venetian blinds. For animals without hands it’s amazing what they can get into. And that begs the question: What made them fly off their cage, and what are they looking at?

So that’s your Thursday Writing Prompt: write a short story about what is going on outside the window that is so fascinating to a pair of cockatiels. To make it more difficult, here is a list of words that you must include in your story: delivery, scooter, dog, rain, hot.