Thursday Writing Prompt No. 78

photo of stairwell

Stairwell at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s time for the next installment of the Thursday Writing Prompt. Today’s prompt is going to include some items to include in your story as well as a timed element. Nothing drives the ability to write like a judiciously used deadline!

I’m battling several deadlines myself for the encyclopedia articles I’m writing as well as graduate school writing assignments. I’ve also given myself a deadline to finish editing/rewriting my NaNo 2011 novel. And I’ve picked up a new project: I’m going to be giving a presentation at this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair on airships in literature, so I’m researching and writing that as well as looking for interesting images for an accompanying slide show. (I refrain from calling it a Powerpoint presentation because there will be no bullet points!)

So, set aside fifteen minutes for this week’s writing prompt. That’s your deadline: fifteen minutes from whenever you start. If you have a stopwatch or stopwatch app, use it — and don’t look at it while you’re writing! Keep your eyes on your page, whether you’re writing by hand or typing. This is not going to be about word count, although you should try to get at least 100 words written. If you’re just going to sit for fifteen minutes and write a sentence there’s little point in challenging yourself!

Here are the items to use in your story: a backpack, a rolled-up newspaper, a white feather, and a four-leafed clover.