Thursday Writing Prompt No. 83

an abandoned factory in Delaware and combined exposures for a high dynamic range image.

I took this photo at an abandoned factory in Delaware
and combined exposures for a high dynamic range image.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt happens to fall on my birthday, so I thought that a suitable writing prompt would be for you to write a few lines of verse for a birthday greeting card. Your task is to write a rhyme that’s between four and eight lines long, expressing a happy birthday wish. If you want to make the writing prompt more demanding, write a verse for one card that is serious and another card that is humorous.

I took this photograph at an abandoned factory in Yorklyn, Delaware. Once home to the National Vulcanized Fibre Corporation, the buildings are in a state of decay and being taken over by vegetation. I belong to a photography Meetup group that specializes in high dynamic range photography, and we went out on a photo workshop a couple of weeks ago. We spent the entire day wandering through industrial decay and eerily abandoned buildings, photographing machinery, windows, and whatever else there was to see.

You’ve probably seen high dynamic range photography (HDR). It’s accomplished by combining several exposures to get the most amount of detail in a photo. Both film and digital cameras are limited to what they can “see.” If you take a photo and set your aperture and speed to catch detail in dark shadows, then the lighter parts of the image will be blown out, or totally white, and there will be nothing in those parts of the image. But when you expose for the brighter parts of a scene, then the shadows go black. Combining exposures lets you get the best of both worlds. HDR is sometimes surreal, but it’s a lot of fun to play with.