Thursday Writing Promt No. 85

Your Thursday Writing Prompt goal for today is to write a synopsis for a short story. It might be easiest to write this in the form of a brief outline, but that’s up to you. First, determine what genre your story will be, and if it applies, what subgenre. Mysteries can be thrillers or cozies or noir, for example. Science fiction can involve aliens or just far-out technology. Write that at the top of your list.
Next, create a protagonist and come up with a name for him or her. Write a two-sentence description of the protagonist that includes a basic physical description, what he or she does for a living, and a bumper-sticker philosophy. That means get an idea of your character’s motivations and desires, but don’t go on an encyclopedia-writing stint telling the world who your protagonist would or wouldn’t vote for in an election. It might apply if you’re writing a political thriller, but even then keep it basic. This is just a synopsis so save anything more detailed for the actual story.

Third, create a antagonist. This can be a person or thing, such as a blizzard or fire. For the antagonist, make the same list of things as you did for your protagonist. For a thing, it won’t really need characterization, so your protagonist’s character development will have to come out through his or her actions and not through dialogue with the antagonist.

Fourth, create your background setting. If you are writing a thing as the antagonist, expand on that in this part and describe it in more detail. How does the general scenery add to or take away from the protagonist’s needs and desires?