Thursday Writing Prompt No. 86

Helsinki the sunflower blooms.

Helsinki the sunflower blooms.

I know there’s been some really hot weather, but part of me keeps waiting for summer. I blame it on the fact that I do so much writing that I’m indoors most of the time and only peer out the window occasionally to see what’s happening out there. It doesn’t help that when I do go outside the mosquitoes hone in on me like a gang of vampires. Helsinki, the little sunflower I rescued from the sink drain, bloomed a week and a half ago and is now developing seeds.

Now it’s time for the Thursday Writing Prompt. I’m going to be writing a few articles about folklore-related topics for an encyclopedia, so I think making a legend would be a good prompt. This week, think up a new urban myth based on one you may already have heard, like alligators in the sewers or a poodle in the microwave. Your task is to come up with a scenario that you can develop into a short story of roughly 2,000-5,000 words. For the writing prompt, identify your protagonist(s), antagonist, scene, and a basic outline of the legend you want to create.


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