Thursday Writing Prompt No. 87


The cockatiels have been in my office for a week and a half now. A week and a half too long. Oh, sure, they like it, but between their dander and sqwaking when I’m trying to work it’s time for them to go back downstairs, before my computer wheezes to death on their feather dust!

The birds belong in the living room, but a mouse got into the house and it managed to squeeze between the bars and get into their cage. It freaked me out so I put the cockatiels in their travel cage and upstairs in my office. That was fine until the mouse came upstairs, too. Fortunately we managed to trap it in another room, but it took several days to catch it and it chewed up the corner on one of my rugs. D—ed mouse!

So that brings me to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. You receive an unwelcome house guest. Yes, it can be a mouse or a huge bug, or a human pest, too. Your task is to write a 750-word short story about the arrival of the guest.