Thursday Writing Prompt No. 88


This week’s Thursday writing prompt gives you a setting and you must come up with a story to go with it. The tree in the photo above is your starting point. The hole can be a place for treasure or Elves or a wild animal, or a doorway into another dimension. Or it can be a hiding place for a geocache, which in turn might lead you to another place or more clues to follow. Write a 350-word description of the setting that this tree provides, and then use that to springboard into a story or even a setting for your upcoming NaNo novel.

You are doing National Novel Writing Month this year, aren’t you? I haven’t decided whether I can tackle it this year. I have two previous novels that I’m editing and finishing, plus some encyclopedia articles that I am writing, as well as graduate writing. I’m not sure I want to start a third novel, but I might use the time for editing the ones I have. Or I might just hide during November.