Thursday Writing Prompt No. 89

A lonely barn, somewhere  along a spooky country road in Maryland.

A lonely barn, somewhere along a spooky country road in Maryland.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that it’s nearly the middle of October. At this point I still haven’t decided whether I am going to write something new for National Novel Writing Month or continue to edit what I have. It would be best for me to edit and get something done, but this year I have so many writer friends doing NaNo it’s hard to resist the siren call of the keyboard.

This month I have several encyclopedia articles to finish writing for an upcoming volume, Imperialism and Expansionism in American History, which is due to be published in March 2015. If you have ever wondered who writes those articles in encyclopedias, I’m raising my hand. I also have articles in Conflict in the Early Americas: An Encyclopedia of the Spanish Empire’s Aztec, Incan, and Mayan Conquests, which was just published in August.

Okay, enough about me right now. This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt draws from the photo for inspiration. You are driving down a country road and there are no other vehicles in sight. You see this barn, and you glance in your rearview mirror. The image looks discolored, a deep red, and way off in the distance you see headlights coming up behind you. Now write a short story based on who or what catches up to you, and turn that into an urban legend.