Thursday Writing Prompt No. 90

My retro-inspired scarf.

My retro-inspired scarf.

Hi there writers! This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt invites you to find inspiration from arts or crafts. It’s also a way for me to show off my new retro-inspired scarf. I found the yarn at JoAnn’s and fell in love with the colors. I usually buy yarn without an idea in mind just because I like the color or texture, but this time I had a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish before I actually got to the cash register.

You probably have some hobby or skill other than writing. How can you draw from that for inspiration? For crochet, knitting, or yarn work of any type, color and texture can be helpful. Woodworking might suggest grain or shapes, while beading might suggest repetition and pattern. Your Thursday Writing Prompt is to find something from your own arts or hobbies, or look at photos on the Internet for inspiration and write a story outline of at least 350 words. To ramp up the challenge, set yourself a timer for 30 minutes and get writing.


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